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How to cook carp---Another alternative

Nail the carp to a board

Wrap this in aluminum foil

CooK at 350 degrees for 1 hour

Take the fish out and throw it away

Eat the board

A better alternative is to marinate with a pint made of water and overnight

3 chopped green onions

1   one inch piece of ginger finely chopped

2 table spoons wine

2 tablespoons of soy sauce

1 fcc pepper black

4 tablespoons of lemon

3 chopped green onions



BEST WATER AND ENERGY  Laughing                google318b53c0540e4693.html

Treat the earth,water,andenergy with care,it was not given to us by our ancestors,but by future generations.

I think I will send my resume to the zoo,a monkey may know what to do with it.

Our ancestors American Indians used to take dry grass and collect dew off the grass in the morning for drinking --they also used charcoal from campfires to cleanse smelly water.Surface water entering well will allow bacteria to attach to the iron - this requires

  A filter .High calcium carbonate may also require treatment.

LaughingQuinoa might be the cash crop to offset tobacco on a farm.It is drought resistant and may produce 4500 dollars a acre in income.It is drought resistant (9 in a year of water)seed sell for 2.50 to 5 dollars a pound.

WELL WATER TREATMENT  SULFER,IRON,HYDROGEN SULFIDE, RADIONUCLIDES  -Dark  reddish brown water might take upwards of 1000ppm Hydrogen Peroxide    224 Dryburg Road                     Copyrighted and provisional patented plans and productsScottsburg,Va 24589                         TESTED AND 1 INSTALLED (WORKS GOOD) SEE BELOW -

Virginia Dept Health Recoginized    Fax 703-564-9148 ( There are about 50,000,000 wells in this country.about 10% have iron and sulfer).

Ozone, and hydrogen peroxide generated by UV light, will oxide finished water causing a significant  removal  of the contaminants from organics to uranium ,lead,and arsenic. (Practical application ) in finished water sterlizes virus,bacteria also .With as little as 90 ppm surface water can be flocked and colloids dropped to bottom killing bacteria and virus.

With low organic loading that would absorb a lot of the oxygen ionized copper Other Metals ie (arsenic.mecury,iron,lead.etc) could be precipitated.

This would allow for the removal of metals and other contaminations from treated water. The necessary ingredients would be oxygen and time. Ozone being more active oxygen and would act faster. Oxidized metals precipitate including arsenic.

<>Look for UV on Web -Google search(UV CLARIFIER--UV STERILIZER)36 watts  installed with transformer and recepticle – existing power- You need am extra bulb,5 micron filter, and 20 micron filter
<>Operating cost power for 36 watts continous for month  about $3.00-Replacement UV bulb $5.00  per month for a years use Cal pump 1 year limited Mfg warranty only. About 8000 hours if used continuously or intermittently..

10 watt hours of power produces 1 gram of ozone, this unit produces about a liter of 3 % hydrogen  peroxide a day

<>Drawing shows-Tap from well pipe-filter-orafice to controlFlow-UV light-pipe to well a  whole house filter 5 micron to be installed
<>Ozone precipitated copper, iron, mercury, lead and uranium,oxidizes sulfur removing smell, viruses, and bacteria also 

there are articles that indicate it will stop corrosion in pipes

Kit includes

Assembly Drawing

1-3/4 in brass valve

1- filters 20 micron clear shield TEKWF1020

36 watt UV sterilizer poduces about 3.6 liters of 3% hydrogen peroxide a day for 25 cents

6 –3/4 in PVC Male Terminal Adaptors

2-3/4 in Schedule 40 PVC elbows

Kit Cost $699.50 USPS Shipping


works best in still water

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        3 Carolyn -Suntrust bank

        You had asked me to write you telling you of my expierence with the water purification system installed Dec 2008.So far it does a good job.The water tastes good and my

     sinks and fixtures do not stain as they before the installation of the system.It seems to be a very good stystem.



How to size UV well treatmentLaughing

  • -Measure concentration by using ____ drops of hydrogen peroxide 3% in a pint of water.
  • Each drop is approximately 3 PPM.
  • -Measure depth of well by weight and fish strung or drillers log
  • -Calculate the water to treat using the diameter of the well
  • -Using UV to generate 2/3 ml Hydrogen peroxide each minute with 36 watts
  • 15 ml of hydrogen peroxide is about 3 PPM in 100foot 6 inch diameter  well
  • In a hundred foot of well.
  • -Calculate the # of minutes needed by using UV lights generate hydrogen peroxide
  • -Each resident  uses about 50 gal of water a day
  • -Pour a liter of hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the well before
  • Installing  system

After 5 days draw a pint of water and test it with drops to see if correct

  • Adjust time if necessary
  • -for drinking water the sweetest water will be drawn and left in the refrigerator one day
  • <>-After several years at low concentrations of contaminants sludge may have to be pumped from the well This will be indicated by continual stoppage of the whole house water filter.
  • If less than 50 ml a day is needed per person a direct tie to the pump power supply through a transformer is needed –If more than 50 ml a day is needed
  • A separate power supply and a timer (24 hour 15 min increments) is needed.



Hydrogen peroxide for disinfect ion.

Copyright  And Provisional Patent



ONE WAY TO CHANGE SEWAGE TO CLEAN WATER DISCHARGE TO A STORMWATER DITCH,AND DEVELOPE LAND THAT IS LaughingLaughingUNPERKABLE ALSO FOR SMALL COMMUNITIES-10 people - approx cost $15,000 (of 200 million homes 5 % set on unperked sites nowjust wating for a health deptartment abatement notice).NOTE

10 DOLLARS OF ELECTRIC POWER PUTS 100 pounds of CO2 in the atmosphere.

How this system works on both ends is as a Anoxic clafier tank-(solids to anareobic digester For methane production) clear effulent to the trickling filter then to the sand filter  sand filter next to a disinfection tank.This system minimizes having to cleaning the sand filter. Also the septic tank is anoxic from recirculation removing nitrogen, and  phosphates. This Design is based on 60 people for sewage and 120 people for water other numbers could be controlled proportionally. Numbers refer to drawing attached.
High nutrient removal ,low power costs($40) a month for 60 people. Modular mechanical /electrical off shelf.Compost the sludge or haul away.

Wastewater system for unperkable property is effective and efficent Ranking as follows:                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

 This Unit  can meet water reuse standards after sand biofilm is established and toxins not present in influent                                              

Septic tank and lagoons almost no energy to operate     This system costs about 15 dollars a ton of BOD removed depending on if water is pumped to put oxygen in or air is pumped respectively.(Can save 300 dollars per ton of sludge)

Package plants between 78 and 200 dollars a ton depending on how

Oxydation ditch about 400 dollars a ton for BOD removal




DRAINFIELD IN A BOX - Virginia Department of Health Recoginized

1-Sizes 1-4 people -TESTED  worked good---- MOUNTS ON TOP OF EXISTING SEPTIC TANK OF FAILED SYSTEM Engineering about $1000  Drainfield in box5000 -not damaged by organic overload (many people short time)-not bothered by high water tables,running toilets and recovers from toxins-Oil will damage inexpensive media-no drainfield to stop up.

septic tank $2000

2-Up to 60 people MOUNTS IN TRAILER3-Up to 600 people ONSITE BUILT

Plans with material list  

2.5 % of cost initial payment upfront

5% of cost at receipt of plans

2,5 % on completion of installation




Provisional patent and copyright

The easy way to find leaks in a water line is as follows:

1-Use thermographic camera before daylight to spot water under road drill and verify

it is town water

2-Put electrodes and DC power in water lines to generate Hydrogen find the leak with

a combustionable gas detector sensativity 5 -50 ppm. 

3-Seal the line with a spcial compound non toxis fiber laden compound.


HOVERVILLE  HOME HEAT BY GREENHOUSE-- (approximately 50 million homes could use this.)Laughing

Copyright and provisional patent   24000 Btu unit will cost about $8000 Va Dmme grant covers most of it. Can save 7KWH per hour

A greenhouse preferably of thermalpane glass  will generate up to 24.000BTU average of heat during all the  site i like

day which could be used to reduce power heat bills in a 1800 sq ft house 40 %.Awater tank will preheat water saving $20/month

This Unit could be wallhung without storage and supplemental heat to smooth out temprature swings.

 This plan occupies a 8 ft by 8 ft footprint     Plan $300  Tested smaller model ( about 20 states have a solar energy grant-see solarpowerrocks above)

No fir,pine,or holly trees and or mountains above 20 degrees on southern horizon.Grants minimize installation costs .,energy costs mimimal.maintenence minimal

(a wood stove must be reguraly stoked at least twice a day)Check for federal tax credit solar water heat



A sludge/sawdust burner is being developed. This would reduce organic contaminants from polluting the water.

Changes sludge sawdust to CO2.


<mete name="keywords "content="well,ozone,hydrogen peroxide,unperkable,solar energy,

sewage,tasty drinking water,virus,bacteria,protozoian,uranium,iron,sulfer,manganese,

radionucklides,arsenic,chrome,lead,disease causing,safe water"

SOLAR Wall Hung Unit produces 20,000 BTU as sun hits it ans immediately transfers

 it to housemust have clear view of southern sky...


SNAP IN THERMOPANE WINDOWS (200 million homes at 10 windows a home is 2 billion needed)LaughingLaughing

Others -Snap in inside storm window saving 40% -80% of heat energy in a home and 40% of cooling energy

VA DMME has grants (first come first serve)check for federal tax credit on insulation ,windows -We must uncover the mystery of windows

Each pane gives a r value of about 1-     R(R value )= 1/U     then addvalue vacuum is best then argon and air last

window panes are like blankets the more the warmer

Transmittence is about getting the suns energy in; solar shields are about 60 %-leaded glass about 95%

Southern windows will get most heat during the winter in the northern hemisphere-Just adding a storm window over your

thermonepane window will reduce heat/cooling loss  by 30 % in your whole house.

Clear polycarbonate Tripple payne 16 mm  would increase r value by  about 4.7 and be bullet resistant   helping in school massacres

Church windows are inefficent-a single layer of plastic covering the stained glass windows in a sanctuary saves 60 %-about 2000 dollars in one church a year



Disaster victims should not go thirsty

-Emergency water treatment makes 2000 gallons of fresh tasty water from flood water--unit approx cost $350

Treatment process Polomer floc (bacqucil),activated carbon,sand filter,Hydrogen peroxide disinfectant    TESTED

5 GAL With 1/2 urine, 5 grams feces, 200 grams soil,works well water tastes good.

Hydrogen Peroxide treats water as well as boiling does.SmileSmile

Use Any Water



Tie the pump to a tire -this allows the tire and pump to float keeping the impeller clear.

put a valve on the discharge side to limit flow (limiting current )-Tested did not pull sludge into pump



-More efficent way to aeriate a sewer plant pump water instead of air

this increase the oxygen water interface by small droplets through air increasibg efficency 60 to 80 percent.

Pumping air to aerate water is very inefficent- Pumping water to form drops at low preeureis much more efficent

oxygenization occurs instantly.TESTED



-Stabilized walker for elderly,separate leggs tip out to stabalize- mfg needed



-non siphoning catheter limiting infection spread


ECTROCOAGULATION-works best with low or high concetrations of contaminant-also removes colloids and bacteria.

-Virginia Department of Health Recognized

NITRATES,ARSENIC,Calcium CarbonateLaughingSmile TDS decreases from 233 to 109 with 12 volts DC on the electrode,May use 24,36,48 volts DC




-ELECTROCOAGULATION  removes calcium carbonate,virus,bacteria ,protozoa , arsenic,lead,uranium,Hexavalent chrome,oil, and salt from in still or turbulent water.

-Good for public or private systems .This system is better at removing trace contaminents of uranium,lead.copper.250 Gal/Day(5 people)  -- Aluminum electrdes  $2500-3000

-Aluminum electrodes for most contaminents :- titanium for salt ( NaCl )and corrosive contaminents

-Calcium carbonate is the normal cause of hardness-This system eliminates calcium carbonate significantly

-normal softeners exchange 2 sodium atoms for a calcium atom -Hope it does not increase blood pressure.TESTED

160 million homes have hard water-removes hardness without

Cost $1150.00   plus shipping-note potassium and sodium have similar health risk

8.5 amp solar panel for power during daylight hours could remove calcium carbonate or salt


A Water Supply for a Third World Community-Water Treatment PondSmileLaughing

Consisting of Local supplies (pond,gavel,and soil) Other supplies bought in (typar and well tube).

-Also works as a emergency water supply,and runoff.Usint the technioque of filtering water through soil could

remove uranium,virus and toxins thwarting a terriorist attack. TESTED since 1950 without typar and gravel

-Cleans streams and watersheads  EPA 303d by retention and perk of soil

-A screen or typar on top of soil (sand and gravel if above soil) could remove algae , harvest the grass

-Treat gray water,Sewer effluent - Algae could be harvested for food (algae generates biomass 15 times faster than corn)


 POWER COMPANIES waste 60% of ther energy as wasted heat in the cooling towers if this waste heat were

applied to another system that gives high pressure at low tempraturethen this could extract more energy

increasing efficency and lowering the carbon footprint.


If caught in smoke a large tyvek envelope makes a good smoke and virus mask ,seal it around neck,use 3-M clear tape for eye holes.

This was tested by putting my head in a smoking barrel of trash (whew HOT) then walking 1 mile.TESTED



-AIR CARLaughing

Plans to retrofit a gasoline engine

This would reduce Americas dependence on oil -also see Diesel electric cars (  saves about 200 dollars per 1000 miles)and diesel air cars


One Study Of 1400 square foot house-well insulated -thermopane windows

rated on 10 yearsLaughing

  Type of heat                                  10 year maintence and energy cost   $                       initial cost     $                                     

Electric furnace,baseboard heat             12000                                                                        2000

Heatpump                                                      6000                                                                          6700

Hooverville Greenhouse                            1000                                                                           8000

Snap in thermopane would reduce this energy by 40 %,1500 watt heater heats 300 ft sq of well insulated space


A chimney boot can be made of EPDM melting point about 400 Deg F extending 8in upon chimney and 10 in out on roof in each direction -20 by 20 chimney outside   cost $225 ea 


-A 2 inch double Y cleanout for any sewer line above 3 inch Laughing                                                 cost $30 +shipping

-A Hole saw mounted to a rotoruter does wonders

A Fan Removal tool (1.375 to 2 )in hub fan removal tool 1 to 5 tons                                 cost $25+ shipping

Air conditioning leak loc for small leaks (if charge lasts week or more)if last 36 hours may take 4 charges

2 ounces  20 dollars


Manafacture should manafacture a R22A HEATPUMP for efficency and minimizing leaks

A centrifuge could be made from a pump,curvature of piping,a collector and velocity toSmile

remove heavy metals from water and seawater.Separate colloids from water seawater .


Engineers that I believe in are  B&B consulting-South Hill Va  (1-434-447-7621) and  Maxim Engineers-Coeburn- Va (1-276-395-6500)




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